Some small rules updates today, specifically to Primitive Ranged Weapons


10/03/2016 06:09

Life is all about following rules as if we don’t follow the rules we may be fined or restricted. Rules are made for so that we can follow them and live a better and convenient life which everybody wants.

10/20/2016 23:41

Rules are meant to be followed. Rules are there for a reason, if we can revise a rule just because we want to. That would be boring. It would be like living your life in your own terms. This is probably applicable to some games but the creators made it like that. We should just follow and try to enjoy the game.

10/23/2016 03:08

What rules have been updated? And will you write the list of that updates?

01/15/2017 16:54

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02/17/2017 14:17

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